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You can figure your own basic estimate for retirement by using our printable (PDF file) Tier brochures. Each one includes easy-to-follow instructions, formulas, and factor tables needed to "Do The Math." (Formulas and factors sound a bit intimidating, but you can do it with basic math skills, or a calculator.) This figure won't replace an actual estimate created by CCCERA counselors, but it will give you a rough idea for financial planning.
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If you have service in more than one tier, you will figure each tier's retirement service credit separately, due to differences in factor tables for each of the retirement tiers (Tiers 1,2,3, PEPRA Tiers 4 and 5, and Safety Tiers A, C, D, and E). Add the amounts together to estimate your monthly pension benefit.
Click on the links below to open the PDF printable file for your tier(s).
Membership Dates before January 1, 2013

Tier 1 and 3 (2% at 55)
Most General members (non-Safety) are in this benefit structure, section 31676.16 of the 1937 Act.

Tier 2
Members hired after August 1, 1980 and before October 2002, with employers that chose the Tier 2 benefit structure. (Members had the option of tranferring to Tier 3 after 5 years of service.) For an accurate estimate, members with Tier 2 service credit must also figure their Social Security reduction amount. This article will help with the details.

Safety A and C (3% at 50)
Members who are involved in active law enforcement or fire fighting duties

PEPRA General Tiers 4 and 5: Membership Dates on and after January 1, 2013
PEPRA Tiers 4 and 5
PEPRA Safety Tiers D and E
PEPRA Safety Tiers D and E