Calculation Help


Calculation Help

CCCERA is a Defined Benefit Plan. As such, the calculation of your lifetime monthly benefit is based on clearly defined factors. These factors are:

  • Your age at retirement
  • Your years of service credit
  • Your highest average monthly pensionable compensation
  • Whether you were enrolled in Social Security while earning CCCERA service credit

There are two ways you can estimate what your retirement benefit will be when you retire.

  1. Use the calculation worksheets below and manually estimate your benefit
  2. Request a retirement estimate from CCCERA

Calculation Worksheets
Want to do the math yourself?

You can figure your own basic estimate for retirement by using our printable calculation worksheets. Each one includes easy-to-follow instructions, formulas, and factor tables needed to “Do The Math.” This figure won’t replace an actual estimate created by CCCERA counselors, but it will give you a rough idea for financial planning.