Regular Board Meeting

Board meeting


The Retirement Board May Discuss And Take Action On The Following:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Accept comments from the public.
  3. Approve minutes from the January 22, 2020 meeting.
  4. Capital market assumptions review.
  5. Presentation from First Eagle on global markets.
  6. Review of total portfolio performance for period ending December 31, 2019.
    1. Presentation from Verus
    2. Presentation from staff
  7. Annual statement of compliance with Board resolutions.
  8. Consider and take possible action to:
    1. adopt Board of Retirement Resolution 2020-1 to increase the salary ranges by 4% for all unrepresented classifications effective April 1, 2020, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer.
    2. adopt the CCCERA Position Pay Schedule for unrepresented classifications effective April 1, 2020 which reflects the salary range changes in Board of Retirement Resolution 2020-1.
  9. Consider authorizing the attendance of Board:
    1. CRCEA Spring Conference, April 6-8, 2020, Visalia, CA. (Note: Conflict with Meeting)
    2. AE Industrial Partners Annual Meeting, April 15-16, 2020, Boca Raton, FL.
    3. 2020 Annual Conference, Siguler Guff, April 29-30, 2020, New York, NY.
  10. Miscellaneous
    1. Staff Report
    2. Outside Professionals’ Report
    3. Trustees’ comments
CCCERA Board Room
1200 Concord Avenue, Suite 350
Concord, California 94520