2020 Benefit Statements
Submit data correction form or applicable form for all changes


CCCERA’s annual benefit statements will be mailed to active members this August.

Benefit statements contain a summary of members accounts for the previous years. This includes information such as a members designated beneficiary, their address, date of birth and membership date. There is also a tally of contributions and interest, any service purchases completed, and estimates of projected retirement benefit at appropriate ages.

These estimates can assist you with retirement planning, but do not include many of the variables that will impact your final benefit estimate as you near actual retirement. For example, though the benefit statement uses ages in the future to estimate your benefit, the projected retirement benefit is calculated using your present salary, since there is no way of knowing what your salary will be at the time of retirement.

The statement is a general guideline to help keep members file current with CCCERA. After you review the document, you can submit the form enclosed with the statement, to indicate changes to your information (if needed). Please note, additional forms or documentation may be required.