Retiree Payroll Dates


Your monthly pension check will be mailed to you or directly deposited to your account on the first business day of the next month. Check the table below for upcoming retiree pay dates.

Month Retiree Pay Date
December ‘20 January 4, 2021
January February 1, 2021
February March 1, 2021
March April 1, 2021
April May 3, 2021
May June 1, 2021
June July 1, 2021
July August 2, 2021
August September 1, 2021
September October 1, 2021
October November 1, 2021
November December 1, 2021
December January 3, 2022

If you have submitted an application for a recent or upcoming retirement, you will receive your pension check based on the schedule outlined in the retirement application checklist. For more information regarding the timing of your first pension payment please contact CCCERA.