Applying for Retirement


Applying for Retirement

CCCERA requires a copy of the following documents to process your retirement:

  • Your birth certificate or passport.
  • Your beneficiaries birth certificate or passport.
  • Social Security card for yourself and for each of your beneficiaries. 
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married or a Secretary of State Certificate of Domestic Partnership, if you are a registered domestic partner.
  • If you have any Tier 2 service credit, an estimate from the Social Security Administration for age 62 or for your current age if over the age of 62 (this must be submitted before your final benefit calculation can be completed). If you are already receiving your own earned social security benefit, you must provide verification of what your benefit amount was when you first started receiving your benefit.
  • If you were previously married within your membership, you must provide a conformed copy (with the court clerk’s filing date stamp and the judge’s signature) of your Notice of Entry of Judgment, Judgment of Dissolution, and any attachments or marital settlement agreements if not previously provided to CCCERA.

These documents can be submitted at any time during your career.

In addition to the above documents, you will also need to request an Application for Service Retirement Packet from CCCERA. The completed application must be submitted (with the required documentation) no earlier than two months (60 days) before your planned retirement date. To avoid a delay in processing your application, please provide the applicable documents above when you submit your application (or before if possible).

You can cancel your application to retire anytime during the retirement process. However, you cannot cancel your retirement decision after you have cashed your first benefit payment. Even though you cancel your application, there is no assurance that your employer will have a position.