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Update Your Information
Active members

There are some events that may impact your account while you are actively employed. If changes or clarifications need to be made, please call or write CCCERA.

Initial employment:

  1. Fill out a Enrollment Affidavit Form (Form 101).
  2. Complete Beneficiary Designation Form (Form 102).
  3. If you are a reciprocal member, verify rules, current regulations and participating employers. If eligible, complete the Reciprocity Election Form (Form 103).
  4. Complete a Member Election Form for Non-Service Connected Disability in the Event of Death During Active Membership (Form 104). This form authorizes CCCERA to file an application for non-service connected disability on your behalf, in the event that you are permanently incapacitated by reason of injury or other disability leading to death while you are an active member of CCCERA.

Address change:

If you are currently working for a CCCERA employer, notify your payroll clerk of your new address. CCCERA will receive the address change information directly from your employer.

Marriage or Domestic Partnership:

  1. Make sure your beneficiary information is up to date. If not, complete a Beneficiary Designation Form (Form 102).
  2. If you choose a beneficiary other than your spouse/registered domestic partner, submit a Spousal Waiver (Form 303).

If you have dependent children:

Make sure your beneficiary information is up to date. If not, complete a Beneficiary Designation Form (Form 102).

Divorce or dissolution of a Registered Domestic Partnership:

  1. Verify your beneficiary.
  2. Understand changes to your service credit, if an account split has been ordered by a Domestic Relations Order (DRO). A former spouse cannot be removed as a beneficiary until community interest is resolved.

Name changes:

Notify CCCERA in writing of your new legal name. Proof is required, such as a Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Passport, Marriage Certificate, or Divorce Decree.

Employment status changes:

Call CCCERA for information on possible reciprocity, contribution refunds, or deferment if you are terminating.

Disability while employed:

Contact CCCERA for information on procedures and forms required to submit your application.


Report a death

We are deeply sorry for your loss. To notify CCCERA, use this form or call our office ‒ a retirement counselor will guide survivors through the required procedures, forms and certificates that must be submitted.