Special Board Meeting

Board meeting


The Retirement Board May Discuss And Take Action On The Following:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Accept comments from the public.
  3. Approve minutes from the May 24, 2017 meeting.


    (Government Code Section 54957.6)

    Agency designated representatives:
    Gail Strohl, Chief Executive Officer
    Christina Dunn, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Employee Organization: AFSCME, Local 2700
    Unrepresented Employees: All CCCERA unrepresented positions
  2. The Board will continue in closed session pursuant to Govt. Code Section 54956.9(d)(1) to confer with legal counsel regarding pending litigation:
    1. In re Nicholson, OAH, Case No.: 2016120595; In re Benike, OAH, Case No.: 2016120594; In re Adebiyi, OAH, Case No.: 2016120547; In re Gallagher, OAH, Case No.:2016060649; In re Jonsson, OAH, Case No.: 2016120649
    2. In re Asuncion, OAH, Case No.: 2016060672; In re Barrow, OAH, Case No.: 2016120563; In re Berletti, OAH, Case No.: 2016120564; In re Funk, OAH, Case No.: 2016120565; In re Giron, OAH, Case No.: 2016120577; In re Kim, OAH, Case No.: 2016120569; In re Stone, OAH, Case No.: 2016120567; In re Wille, OAH, Case No.: 2016120574
    3. In re Tremain, OAH, Case No.: 2016120571
    4. In re Frazier, OAH, Case No.: 2016120579


  1. Presentation from Brown Armstrong on the audit of the December 31, 2016 financial statements.
  2. Consider and take possible action to adopt Board of Retirement Resolution 2017-4 authorizing participation in the special district risk management authority workers’ compensation program.
  3. Presentation of 2016 CCCERA budget vs. actual expenses report.
  4. Consider authorizing the attendance of Board and/or staff:
    1. 63rd Annual Conference, National Association of State Retirement Administrators, August 5-9, 2017, Baltimore, MD. (Note: Conflict with meeting)
    2. 2017 Client Summit Program, Verus Consulting, August 28-29, 2017, San Francisco, CA.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Staff Report
    2. Outside Professionals’ Report
    3. Trustees’ comments
Retirement Board Conference Room
1355 Willow Way, Suite 221
Concord, California 94520