Member Contribution Rate Calculator


Your member contribution rate is determined by your tier, your employer, and for legacy members, your age at entry into the system. By entering your information in below, the calculator can determine your member contribution rate. 

Note: Aside from the “member” contribution rate, the employer may require the member to pay all or part of the employer contribution rate (Gov. Code Section 31631). Contact your employer regarding your contribution towards the employer contribution rate.

Member Information
Retirement Tier:
Age at Entry into CCCERA
(Tiers 1, 3, A and C only):
Member Contribution Rates
July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024: _________
July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025: _________

PEPRA members have a limit on the amount of salary (pensionable compensation) that can be used in the calculation of retirement benefits. The annual salary amount that can be used in the calculation of retirement benefits is capped at one amount for members who contribute to Social Security or 120 percent of that amount for members who do not contribute to Social Security. This compensation cap adjusts annually based on changes in the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for all urban consumers. Your salary can exceed these figures, but salary above these amounts will not count towards your retirement benefit. You will not make contributions to the retirement system on amounts earned over the salary cap.

For 2024, pensionable compensation is capped at $151,446 for PEPRA members who participate in Social Security and $181,734 for PEPRA members who do not participate in Social Security. In future years, the pensionable compensation limit will be adjusted based on changes to the CPI for all urban consumers.